Here I will post Reviews to wraps I was able to host here ❤

Review Woven Wings Marbel Tester 100% Egyptian Cotton

It’s already some time ago, that I was lucky enough to host the wonderful Marbel Tester. I was really excited to host my first ever tester and loved to wear it and take some pictures. I was really sad to send it to the next person since I really loved this wrap. At first, I was not sure if I liked the pattern. It’s so glamourous with it’s marbel look and I really am not a very glamourous person. But then, after the first few wrapjobs, I started liking it more and more. With it’s mono colours it goes with everything you wear. And that way it can look cool, classy, elegant or rocky. I really love that about this wrap! I can’t really imagine this wrap with more colour though. But maybe, that’s just in my head.

The wrap has lots of grip. You can feel the structure of the pattern in your hands and this makes it hold tight in place. Still it was no problem to slip a second pass over when wraping a double hammok. But when the wrapjob was done, it stayed in place where I put it.
I wonder how the wrap will feel when it is fully broken in. It still felt a little hard when I hosted it here but I’m sure it will get soft and floppy with more wearing and love.

This wrap has just a little bounce, almost none. I guess this is the price for it’s great hold. I love to have some more bounce but that’s a personal preference. The wrap made my 10 month old wrapee (who already has 11kg) feel weighless. A simple Ruck was no problem with this wrap and that even though I got quite picky shoulders. I hope when it will be released that I will be able to get a size 4. I’ve never felt a wrap that was as comfy as this one in a ruck.

I hope, this review helped some of you decide, if this is going to be the wrap for you ❤