About this site


Our names are Fenna and Mirjam. Welcome to Carries and Finishes.

We created this site because we often get asked, which finish or carry you can see in our pictures. We also often ask other people because we would like to know what carry or finish they used 🙂 But sometimes it’s not possible to ask. Often you can only find the names of different carries and finishes but no pictures of what they look like. So we wanted to create a site, where you can browse carries and finishes by picture and get inspired to try new ones.

On the front page you can see pictures of a lot of different finishes and carries. This is perfect if you just want to get inspired. If you are looking for a back, hip or front carry specifically, you can go into the menu and klick on one of them. That way you’ll only see the pictures of the desired carries.
If you would like to see, what you can do with a certain wrap size, you can klick on the tags to show only carries and finishes with that size.

If you klick on one of the pictures you’ll come to a site with more pictures and a youtube link. Under every picture you can read which wrap and size was used. In the comment function you are very welcome to post you’re own pictures of that specific carrie 😀 This will inspire others even more.

We’re very happy to be sponsored by a wrap company from our country. Marina from Neisna was very kind to lend us her beautiful wraps for the pictures ❤ We love to test all the new blends and colors and are excited with every package that arrives with new wraps. Thank you very much Marina!

I hope we didn’t forget anything important… 🙂

Since we’re both working mothers , we don’t have a lot of spare time. It will sometimes take some time until we can respond. But please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have some inspiration or questions or suggestions.

Love, Mirjam and Fenna